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Compelling Communications provides fresh, effective marketing ideas and affordable marketing solutions to help improve the profitability of our clients by bringing marketing solutions to small and medium size service companies. We help companies determine their marketing message. Then, we create the brochures, newsletters, logos, websites, ads and more to bring that message to the target audience and help our clients get and keep customers. Explore our portfolio to see how we've helped our clients through dynamic marketing materials. Click here to read what our customers say!

The significance of the Hummingbird.

The Hummingbird is a symbol of activity and flexibility. The only bird who can fly backwards, the hummingbird can quickly adjust and adapt. Likewise, at Compelling Communications, we continually adjust and adapt to provide marketing solutions for our customers - on time and on budget! 

Featured Project August - 06 - Customer Survey
Challenge: DA Exterminating in New Orleans was preparing for a government certification in which one of the requirements was to conduct a customer survey. Because the company had never surveyed its customers, management was anxious to learn what their customers really thought.

Solution: A 12-question survey was mailed to 2500 random customers along with a self-addressed, postage-free envelope and a coupon for a free appetizer at a local restaurant. The results were then tabulated, analyzed and a book of results was presented to the company.

Results:  The average  response rate for surveys is 1-2%. Over 25% of the DA customers surveyed returned the form and about 64% of respondents took the time write comments on the forms as well. Information will be used as a basis for changes to marketing and other procedures.

"We never expected the high percentage of response we received from the survey.
Let me say, you went above and beyond. The report is so well organized. This kind of feedback is priceless and we can glean tons of useful information from it. Thanks so much again."  Chris Caire, Owner, DA Exterminating

Featured Project July - 06 - Door Hanger, Triangle Pest ControlDoor Hanger

Challenge: A new company in the Raleigh, NC area understands the importance of professional marketing materials and hired Compelling Communications to create a company brochure and a marketing piece that they could use to solicit new business.

Solution: We created a new brochure for the company to use as well as a large doorhanger.

Results: "June's creativity and Pest Control experience has resulted in a brochure and a door hanger that get results. In fact, our new customer response rate has improved dramatically since we have distributed the new door hanger." Donnie Shelton, Owner, Triangle Pest Control

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