AAA, St. Louis

"Thank you for the extra time you spent tailoring the presentation for our staff and for your flexibility in working with our schedule. It allowed us to meet the needs of our staff while providing the opportunity for everyone to benefit from the information you provided."

Sue Burford, Customer Care Coordinator - Go to TOP

Corsello & Sons

"Wow, you are a terrific writer! You took all that I said and put it in such wonderful words. You are amazing! Thank you so much."

Kirk Corsello, President - Go to TOP

Focus Management Consulting, LLC

"A new company in formation, I wanted a logo that could be used on letters, cards and all other communications. With a basic idea and some background from me, Compelling Communications tuned out logo options in better-than-promised time, and then made refinements on my preferred option. The finished product is excellent."

John C. Lemen, President - Go to TOP

Springer Pest Solutions

"June Van Klaveren combines superlative comprehesion of the pest management industry with technologically advanced media presence vehicles to provide innovatively unique marketing results."

Stuart E. Mitchell, PhD, BCE - Go to TOP

Care Management Consultants

"June has done a wonderful job for me. I have worked with a lot of Marketing people - but she is the best. I highly recommend her services. It's one of those truisms about getting what you pay for."

Lloyd Smigel, President - Go to TOP

Bio-Tech Systems

"The promotional flyer we hired Compelling Communications to develop was outstanding. Not only was the look of it eye-catching, but the message it contained was right on target!" --

Steven A. Murray, Bio-Tech Systems- Go to TOP

Silver Bear Jewelry

"June prepared and distributed the press release and Grand Opening announcement for our new store - Silver Bear Jewelry. From my experience working with June in an organization, I knew that she is creative, knowledgeable and realiable. Working with her on this project reaffirmed my feelings. She is detail-oriented, follows through on each item, is informative and responsive. I know that when June is taking care of an item, I no longer have to worry about it. It is completed on time and completed superbly!"

Marie Cuccia-Brand, Owner - Go to TOP

Iowa Pest Management Association

"Working with Compelling Communications, Inc. has been a pleasure. June is responsive to our inquiries and a real professional. The association's newsletter is delivered on time and is getting rave reviews from our membership. I highly recommend using Compelling Communications, Inc. for your publishing & design needs."

Michael J. Deming, President - Go to TOP


"I have known and worked with June Van Klaveren since May, 1988 and I have always appreciated her expertise in Marketing & Communications. Today, without hesitation, I selected Compelling Communications to help promote and communicate the benefits that
UPMA Labs offers to its clients."

Mohamed Rachadi, Ph.D.,President - Go to TOP

Simple Blessings

"Compelling Communications, has provided Simple Blessings with excellent service. Projects have always been completed by deadlines, even when there has been a crunch. The degree of quality is outstanding! June worked very hard with us to fully understand our needs and vision of our company and products. She has taken our ideas and made them into reality, even better than imagined! June is very forward-thinking, with creative ideas to further our marketing efforts."

Sheryl Becker, President, Simple Blessings, Inc., St. Louis, MO - Go to TOP

Rhodes Chemical Co.

"It is a pleasure to work with someone like June who is so talented and motivated to achieve her client's goals. We have received many compliments on the improved quality of our brochures, newsletters, promotional pieces and training materials she developed."

Roland Rhodes, President, Rhodes Chemical Company, Kansas City, Kansas - Go to TOP

Stayton Pest Services

"We at Stayton Pest Services Inc. are really pleased with the Yellow Page advertisement that June has designed for our company. It has generated an increase in our business and we are pleased with this result."

Frank S. Thompson III, President, Stayton Pest Services Inc., Venice, Florida - Go to TOP

Rottler Pest Control

"I enjoy dealing with Compelling Communications, Inc. for a variety of reasons: creativity, knowledge of our industry, attention to detail, promptness and most importantly, June keeps on budget."

Michael Rottler, President, Rottler Pest Control, St. Louis, MO - Go to TOP

Ag Retailer Magazine

"June writes compelling columns for me each month, looking at practical methods to increase customer service for my readers. She also does a terrific job in interviewing retailers for testimonials, which she writes as part of half of her columns for me. She's on time and needs little direction once an assignment is made."

Den Gardner, Editor, AgRetailer Magazine - Go to TOP

Harmony Inside & Out

“I LOVE working with June Van Klaveren of Compelling Communications. She does wonderful work and has great ideas. June is efficient, creative and very easy to work with. Everything June has created for me - whether it’s brochures, flyers or CD covers - looks very professional and classy!”

Linda Binns, President, Harmony Inside & Out, St. Peters, MO - Go to TOP

Specialty Products Company

"With proven communication skills, clients get the right message the first time. One of the greatest strengths of Compelling Communications, Inc. is taking half baked, fragmented comments from me and somehow turning it into exactly what we need and making us look good in the process!"

Gary D. Curl, Specialty Products Consultant, Mendam, NJ - Go to TOP

Entomology Associates

" I don't know of anyone more talented or creative in communications than June. She's fun to work with, has great ideas and always produces superior results."

Jeffrey B. Tucker, President, Entomology Associates, Houston, TX - Go to TOP

Buffalo Exterminating

" I strongly recommend that anyone who is struggling with getting promotional or advertising literature together talk with Compelling Communications, Inc. as I certainly saved a lot of time and effort by having Compelling Communications put my thoughts into something we can hand to prospects."

John Zimmerman, Buffalo Exterminating, Buffalo, NY - Go to TOP

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