Business Card Evaluation

Your business card should include as much of the information on the right as applies to your business.

If you answer "Yes" to all the questions below, congratulations, you have a great business card!

To read more about using business cards as a marketing tool, click here!

If you would like to have your business card evaluated by a graphics professional, attach a high resolution scan of your card to an email.

Evaluation Questions

  1. Is your card up to date?
  2. Does your card contain your correct phone numbers & locations?
  3. Is your card printed on a heavy-weight, distinctive paper stock?
  4. Does your card contain a statement of exactly what your business does?
  5. Does your card contain your email address?
  6. Does your card contain your Fax number?
  7. Does your card contain your Website address?
  8. Was your card professionally designed?
  9. Does the design of your card contain plenty of "white" space?
  10. Is your card printed in at least two colors?
  11. Do you print something on the back of your card?


Print a list of services or other information on the back of your business card.

If you would like a professional evaluation of your business card, attach a scan of your your card to an email today.


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