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PublicityThere are a variety of reasons that companies don’t send press notices to their local media. Some say there’s no guarantee that it will be published -- and they are right. The PublicityPlus program was developed to bring value to press notices even if they are not picked up by your local paper.

The PublicityPlus Program was designed to enable you to publicize your services and company to the public and to your customers – easily and affordably.

The strategy involves preparing and sending regular press announcements to improve communication about your company and services.

The key word is “regular.” Once a quarter, we contact you to find out what’s going on in your company that could be the basis for your quarterly press release. Then we proceed to write the press notice and send it to your local paper.

More importantly, we format it so you can use it as a handout!


  • Time saving – We write and submit press releases saving time for what you do best.
  • Improved credibility – Through newsy announcements, the credibility of your company is increased.
  • Regular PR effort – We keep you on schedule with press releases throughout the year to help increase and improve communication with the public and with your customers.
  • Save money – The value of a press announcement is worth more than you would pay for advertising. And the credibility is greater!
  • Keep in touch with your current customers – With quarterly service, it is common that a customer may never see their pest control professional. By having the technician leave a well-written press announcement behind after service, the customer feels a stronger connection to your pest control company.
  • Designed to bring in old and new customers!


The Program

  • We send a reminder with a checklist of topics to subscribers each quarter.
  • You choose topic or suggest one.
  • We hold a phone call input session with you.
  • We write the press announcement and send it to you for your approval.
  • We send the announcement to up to three local newspapers.
  • We furnish it to you fully formatted and ready-to-print and mail or hand out to your customers.

800-779-0067 TODAY for pricing and more details!

Pub. Plus Brochure


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