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Monthly Marketing and Customer Services Ideas
from June Van Klaveren, Compelling Communications, Inc.
August, 2003

"Sow good services: sweet remembrances
will grow from them."

Madame de Stael



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Why every small company should have a website

If you haven't taken the step yet to develop web presence, now is the time. Here are some reasons to have your own website.

It is expected!

Are you using typewriters in your office to create documents and correspondence? I'll bet you are NOT! Not having a website is like using typewriters instead of computers. Your customers and clients expect you to progress with the times.

Breath life into your brochure

With a website, you have the opportunity to present and continually update a lot more information that you could include in a brochure. Plus there are no printing and mailing costs!

Expand your business

Even if you don't sell a product online, your business should expand by presenting your complete line of products or services.

The costs of having a web presence have come down considerably and are within reach of even the smallest company.

Contact us about our complete web development package, including domain registration, hosting, writing and web design services.

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Marketing Tips

  • Mail a three dimensional item with a letter. A "lumpy" package is sure to be opened.
  • Mark up your brochure, letter or newsletter with handwriting to indicate you did something "special" for the recipient.
  • Develop a list of folks who wish to receive your newsletter by FAX. Then fax your newsletter instead of mailing it. Saves money if it's to local customers. One click of the mouse on a newsletter "group" set up in WinFax and it's done!
  • Join forces with a noncompetitive company to coproduce a newsletter and send to your own mailing list as well as the other company's list.
  • Include your business card in every piece of mail you send out, including your bill payments.
  • Include testimonials from satisfied clients in on your website or in your brochures. See our testimonials.

Case Study - Stayton Pest Services Web Site

Challenge: Stayton Pest Services needed a web presence so that clients could conveniently learn more about their services.

Solution: We created a simple, easy-to-navigate website for this small company to create the image of a larger company.

Results: This distinctive website was created and uploaded in under one week presenting the information Stayton needed to have available.


"The website is awesome. We love the animation elements and the simplicity of the site. It is consistent with our brochures and other materials that you've created. As always, you make us look great!"

Frank Thompson, President
Stayton Pest Services

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