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Monthly Marketing and Customer Services Ideas
from June Van Klaveren, Compelling Communications, Inc.
July, 2003

"In networking, you're only as
good as what you give away."

Harvey MacKay


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A Dozen Advertising Ideas

  • Write one letter to a customer or prospect every day.
  • Write a thank you note to a customer every day.
  • Start a file of ideas for your newsletter.
  • Send a press release to the local paper four times a year about your business or accomplishment.
  • Find out how to begin writing a newspaper column on your area of expertise.
  • Give away your product or service to a charitable organization four times a year.
  • Take a course in public speaking. Everyone can improve this skill.
  • Standardize your business card, letterhead and envelopes, using the same colors and paper stock.
  • Follow up after every meeting with a customer or prospect.
  • Encourage your employees to refer your product or services to their families or friends.
  • Educate your customers about your product or service.
  • Adopt an attitude of service before trying to sell a product or service. You'll sell more if you feel you're helping someone.

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Networking Tips

  • Always remember the 3 E's: Make an Effort, Bring Energy, Exude Enthusiasm. Smile when introducing yourself and say your name with energy.
  • Make use of the nametags. Use the information on them as conversation starters. Always place the nametag on your right side. People read left to right and when extending your hand for a handshake, the nametag is then directly in the line of sight.

    Thanks to Kelly Jenkins, RisingMedia.com, for these networking tips.

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Case Study - Action Pest Control

Challenge: Action Pest Control did not have a web presence and felt that a website would enhance and increase their business.

Solution: We developed a design that focused on the three major pests they control with high quality photos, text-rich information and rollover photos on the home page.

Results: Action Pest Control is pleased with the look and functionality of the website.



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