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We Receive What We Perceive!

Perception really is reality.

If your customers perceive you as professional, knowledgeable and capable, then that's what they'll expect to receive.

On the other hand, if they perceive you as less than professional -- then their expectations will be low!

Here are some tips to improve your customer's perception of you and your company:

  • If you are in a service business and drive a company vehicle - be sure it's clean and in good repair.
  • Approach every customer with a smile, even if you're talking to them on the phone.
  • Be sure all your marketing materials are first class and up-to-date. Nothing says "mediocre" like marketing materials printed on a home ink-jet printer!
  • Take time to answer your customers' questions,

If you have other tips for improving the perception of your company, them for a chance to win a free copy of The Edge Up.

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New Look New Name
You've been receiving Marketing Gems from Compelling Communications and this newsletter is basically the same -- except for the name! It seemed logical to name the newsletter after my new book! So you'll find ways to get "The Edge Up" on your competition through both customer service and marketing.

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"Never has customer service been so fascinating. This book schools all others in its genre. June delivers!"
Brian Uskokovich,
Account Executive, Banc of America Securities

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"The difference between the almost right word and the right word ... [is] the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning." -Mark Twain


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Case Study - IPCA Awards Program

Challenge: The Illinois Pest Control Association wanted a recognition program for those members who had made outstanding contributions to the association, the industry and their companies.

Solution: Along with the committee, Compelling Communications developed an awards certificate and poster that were presented to the four winners. Each award included a photo of the recipient with a summary of their contributions. This summary was written after interviews with each award winner. Compelling Communications also produces the quarterly newsletter for the Illinois Pest Control Association.



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Tech Tips

Imagine you're excited about your new super duper invention and you want to mail a sales letter to inform your prospects about it.

You check your contact manager and you're stuck... some of your records only contain phone numbers but no snail mail.

That's not a problem... just visit Google(TM) at: type in the phone number.

Bingo, Google offers a reverse-telephone lookup tool and displays the address right before your eyes.

Why pay for directory assistance when Google reverse telephone lookup is F R E E?


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