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PostCard Tips

  • For local delivery, drop the mailing at the Post Office on a Monday for delivery on Tuesdays when mail volume is less.
  • Check return address for errors.
  • Proof phone number and call to make sure it connects properly.
  • Check e-mail e-mail yourself to make sure it connects properly.
  • Make sure Web site is up and running (and order information capture works.
  • Does design require forwarding statement (e.g. Address Correction Requested)?
  • Ask for a referral ("Pass this to a friend").
  • Proof copy for spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Take a one-day vacation and revisit postcard copy, layout, and design before delivery to your printing company.
  • Remove duplicate names from your mailing list.
  • Offer expiration dates.
  • Check that your not mailing near holidays (unless you're promoting a holiday specific offer).
  • Is the call to action clear?
  • Does your headline telegraph a benefit.
  • Leave enough room for the Post Office. To obtain the best postal discounts for your client, the postcard needs a 2.5" high by 3.75" wide rectangular area free of printing from the bottom-right hand corner of the address side of the postcard. The Post Office uses this designated area to scan the applied postal barcode and recipient address for further sorting. Yes, that's a large area (and your clients will moan and complain), but the significant savings off the already low price of a postcard is well worth it. Plus, the color of the postcard stock must be white (or a very light color like canary).
  • Avoid coatings and varnishes. Spec uncoated paper stock on the address-side. Most mailing services inkjet this address information which offsets (and smudges) when sprayed on coated stock. The Post Office will reject addressing that's smudged (that's a huge problem, and I see it often). The simple solution is to spec the address side of the postcard uncoated.
  • Leave the bottom edge clear. When your client's mailing service sorts AND barcodes each postcard, design the bottom 5/8" of the postcard free and clear of any graphics or printing. The Post Office needs this area to further sort forwarded and undeliverable postcards.
  • Print extras. There's nothing worse than a call your client gets from the mailing service about a shortage. New postal regulations make it difficult and expensive to short a mailing. When this happens, the Post Office recalculates the entire mailing at higher rates -- virtually eliminating any discount.
  • Add 3 magic words. Did you know 18% of Americans move every year?Not knowing how the Post Office treats updated addresses could cost your a fortune. Add the return address. When you mail via First Class, undeliverable mail is returned to your client's return address. It can be placed anywhere on the top of the address side of the postcard. If you're printing jumbo postcards, and the client wants to mail via bulk rate, printing the return address is optional.
  • Check out our Postcard prices and services.

Postcard Production Checklist

Yes. No. 1. Card includes an offer.
Yes. No. 2. Card has eye-catching "billboard" photo or text.
Yes. No. 3. Card includes a short list of your complete services.
Yes. No. 4. A 2-1/2" x 3-3/4" area is left blank on the lower right corner of the address side.
Yes. No. 5. Print as many cards as you plan to mail in one season.
Yes. No. 6. Card includes benefits of our service.
Yes. No. 7. Check out our Postcard and Mailing prices today!


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