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10 Tips for Direct Mail Success

  • Color increases readership.
  • An envelop with the address typed directly on it is more likely to be opened than one with an address "sticker."
  • Address the mailing to a specific person, not "current resident".
  • Make an offer for a free inspection or a discount for service or a free report.
  • Repeat your phone number and address on every piece in the direct mail package.
  • Proofread everything three times!
  • Illustrations or photos of people increase readership and response rate.
  • Sending something "lumpy" will insure the envelope will be opened.
  • Make it easy for the recipient to contact you with a return, postage paid card or envelope.
  • Try to qualify leads by asking for information from the recipient on return postcards. Ask such questions as:
    • "Do you currently use a professional pest control service?" "What insects are currently a problem in and around your home or business?"

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